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Body N Spice is the world’s first and only wellness company focusing on giving long-term solutions to common problems such as gas & indigestion, chronic sinusitis due to allergies etc. using spices and herbs available at home. These spices are readily available from the kitchen, the ones used in cooking daily meals and thus our remedies are 100% safe and without any side effects.

Our remedies are a result of decade of research. We have meticulously researched, tried and tested the effect of Indian spices and their medicinal benefits on the body. The combination of spices, or just a spice - what to take, in what quantity, how to take (method of administration) and when to take it for each problem has been standardized over the years.

Results observed are phenomenal and repeatable. We have found success with a three-year-old, as well as seventy years old.

This holistic healing approach contributes to tremendous health benefits. The body’s immune system improves, it’s ability to absorb and assimilate nutrition from food increases and as a result the energy levels are enhanced.


These remedies are given by a licensed Doctor of Holistic Medicine, registration no. A-3767 and a team of experts who have studied the controlled action of spices, condiments, and herbs on the bacteria in the body over years. You can thus be rest assured that these are not just common remedies being passed on to you, but ones that have carefully been studied to give desired and repeatable results.

There are plethora of sites available on the internet that can give you remedies for these problems but the information is too generic and the number of sites you will need to sift through to get to what you are really looking for is just too overwhelming.

At Body N Spice, we tell you only those remedies that have proven to work. Tried and tested over time. Most of these are innovations of our team’s diligent research.


The Body N Spice app leverages technology to bring home remedies to our users on-the-go. Users can download the app and take a consultation for the problem they want a solution to and get remedies from our Counselors within the app.

Gas & Indigestion

We provide simple, effective and sure solutions to gas problem and other digestion related ailments. Solutions are medicine free, natural and based on spices readily available in the kitchen. You will see results within 3-4 days.

If you suffer from any of the below symptoms, which are chronic, please signup for Consultations with us:

  • Smelly gas problem
  • Frequent gas discharge / uneasiness due to it
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Bloating
  • Belching
  • Constipation
  • Gas related body pains
  • Acute discomfort due to gas


If you catch a cold very easily and it’s a chronic problem for you, our remedies will help you immensely. A blocked nose due to allergies to dust, weather changes etc. all can be a thing of the past for you in matters of weeks.

Hard Stools

Due to chronic digestion problems, some people pass very dry and hard stools. So much so that it causes a lot of discomfort in excretion, sometimes to the point that one starts passing traces of blood due to it. Sign up for our simple, home based remedies for relief.


If you boils on the face or on the body, following this simple remedy will prove very beneficial.

General Fever

We sometimes feel feverish and pop a pill to curb it. We are referring to fever not due to a viral infection etc. but generally if the body is feeling run down, use this remedy to feel better.

Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

Some pass excessive blood during their cycle which results in loss of nutrition and energy. We can help reduce them very quickly.


Why Body N Spice?

Body N Spice is the planet’s first and only wellness company dedicated to solving common health problems in a truly natural way. The following are why you should adopt BnS –

  • It is absolutely safe and uses natural unprocessed products
  • Assures fast, safe and sure solution for your problems
  • It can be done on the go! - no grinding, mixing cooking or boiling
  • It places almost no restriction on the type of foods that can be eaten
  • It is do-it-yourself and so you will also learn as you do
  • Focus on the dos and not the don’ts
  • Methodology is preventive and proactive, not reactive
  • Quick results - within 48 to 72 hours
  • It is more a cure than just a treatment - long term solution to your problem
  • You will be able to help others around you from coming out of similar problems

Our holistic approach to continuously try to bring your body system to the ideal state makes you overall healthier and livelier!


We use spices readily available in the kitchen to solve your problems. These are spices that you most likely are already consuming in your food. Due to cooking and mixing with other vegetables and spices, the individual medicinal properties of a particular spice are lost. We tell you which spice to take, when to take it, how and in what quantity for your specific problems and thus there are no side effects to your body and it’s absolutely safe to take them.
More than a decade has gone into researching the medicinal properties of spices and condiments – their effect on the body and keeping bacterial action at bay. We understand your symptoms, basic body parameters, lifestyle and food habits and then suggest remedies. The approach is holistic and thus the results are effective.
The primary causes for bad smelling gas are either of the two - either food is passing very fast through your intestines or too slowly. We help in identifying which of this is their current cause and what they need to take to correct the severity.
Yes. You need to attend to the water retention property of the intestinal walls. There is a excellent Indian spice which works wonders for this problem. Information about what this spice is and how it should be consumed is available to our members. The results are universal. Both, 3 year children and 25 year adults have benefited.
The reason is simple. Food is moving too fast through your body to be able to be properly absorbed into your blood stream. This is also the reason for your feeling very weak because there is no proper absorption of nutrients. There are proven food additives which one already has in his kitchen. These, when taken in very minute quantities and as recommended by us will provide fast, sure and safe results.
The food in the stomach, after the stomach has done its job, needs to pass on into the small intestine. When this is delayed, bloating sets in. We have identified which particular spice available in the Indian kitchen can do the trick of opening up the pyloric valve of your stomach.
A decade of research has gone into the development of our method. It is no doubt the simplest, fastest, surest, safest and also the cheapest way to a healthier and a livelier state.

Employee Wellness Program

Gas & Indigestion

  • Smelly gas problem
  • Loose / pasty stools
  • Frequent gas discharge or uneasiness due to it
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Bloating
  • Belching
  • Constipation
  • Gas related shifting body pains
  • Acute discomfort due to gas

Sinus due to allergies

  • Nasal congestion occurring frequently and repeatedly and causing difficulty in breathing
  • Frequent nasal discharge
  • Excessive Sneezing when in contact with dust
  • Frequent catching of cold when weather changes

Dry & Hard Stools

  • Dry & hard stools causing discomfort in clearing bowels

Program Details

Problem specific wellness program.

In-person consultations as required.

Telephonic consultations with regular follow-ups as required.

Interaction back and forth till satisfaction.

Education sessions


We offer tailor made Employee Wellness Programs for Corporates as per the interest and requirement of our clients. Please contact us for further information.

Telephonic Consultation Program

This program is best suited if you have a chronic, persistent problem or symptom that you would like us to discuss in detail over the phone.

Once we have all inputs from you, the team of experts at our end discuss the remedies and action plan and convey it to you over the phone. You try the remedies and get back in 3-5 days. Based on your feedback, the next round of remedies are given. This process continues till you get satisfactory relief.

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